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A while ago, I was having lunch with a friend. We were sat outside, eating soup and sandwiches, a very American lunch. American in nature, English in execution. The soup was celeriac.

I was telling my friend about the difficult time I was having finding work. I’d graduated with my PhD five months earlier. Once I’d accomplished this magnificent and stupendous feat (that was sarcasm), I’d expected the job offers to flood in! They did not. So we put our heads together and had a think.

Three months later, the fruit of our thinking, The Writing Laboratory.co.uk, was born. The Writing Laboratory is a small group of very talented writers who offer their editing, proofreading, content writing and tutoring skills to researchers, academics, students, corporations and even publishers. What sets us apart from the many, many other companies offering similar service is our flair for the English language. When you use us, you not only get meticulous attention to your document, you get creativity, intelligence and energy. And frankly, we’re not that expensive. Visit our  website to have a look. Or, contact us directly at contactus@thewritinglaboratory.co.uk.

One of the things we’re passionate about is helping young researchers find and voice their original ideas. This blog is dedicated to that pursuit. Each week, we’ll be posting in the series, ‘How to Be Original’.



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